Explosives and Narcotics Scanner

An easy-to-use non-radioactive-based explosive and narcotics/drugs substances scanner solution. Wide range 5 seconds trace detection for security or military.

desktop narcotics scanner trace detector

Narcotics/Drug/Explosive single swab input


Narcotics or explosives readout LCD touch display


Start the test with results in 5 seconds


Printout of analysis

Narcotics/Drugs Scanner

Explosives Identifies nitroglycerine nitrification, ammonium nitrate black powder.
Drugs Identifies cocaine, hydrochloric acid heroin, tetrahydrocar- bonanabinol, dimethylaniline (methamphetamine), ketamine hydrochloride, ecstasy, pethidine.
Samples New Explosives & Drug samples can be added as needed.
Startup Less than 15 minutes.
Analysis Less than 6 seconds.
Alarm False alarms Less than 1%.
Detection Detection rate more than 99%.
Database Can be updated as needed.
Sampling Samples wipe with test paper, adsorption sampling.
Storage Data can save Text print or picture.
Alarm Sound and light.
Display 10″ TFT color touch screen.
Operating Temperature range 14° to +122°F

Scanner Introduction

Narcotics Identifier

The RE-NTD1 is a wide-range highly sensitive desktop system for the real-time detection to identify explosives and narcotics, suited for law enforcement, customs, and border security checkpoints.

Scanner Hardware

  • Vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) lamp soft ionization technology for safe non-radioactive use.
  • User Built-in printer for full analysis results or narcotics or explosives.
  • Advanced technology migration tube design ensures high resolution.
  • Automatic cleaning technology for next-time use.
  • Renewable gas purification system, re-usable dipstick.
  • 10-inch color touch screen technology for information display.
  • A desktop device, portable design for different locations if needed.

Scanner Detection

  • Detect chemical residues of illegal substances (drugs etc) quickly and easily from traces.
  • Less than six seconds of narcotics identification analysis, including trace particle sampling using reusable swabs with a wand.
  • High sensitivity technology quickly and easy detection in as little as 100 Nanograms sample of black powder, including fireworks and homemade explosives.

Software Functions

  • Easy to use on-screen visual displays for scanner operation.
  • Open database that can be customized by users to add/edit new types of narcotics.
  • The scanner supports network control and transfer.
  • Unlimited Storage, USB ports to output data.

Scanner Applications

  • Easy to use narcotics detection well suited for law enforcement officers.
  • Related handheld Model scanner available see link below.