Explosives and Narcotics Scanner

An easy-to-use non-radioactive-based explosive and narcotics/drugs substances scanner solution. Wide range 5 seconds trace detection for security or military.

desktop narcotics scanner trace detector

Narcotics/Drug/Explosive single swab input


Narcotics or explosives readout LCD touch display


Start the test with results in 5 seconds


Printout of analysis

Narcotics/Drugs Scanner

ExplosivesIdentifies nitroglycerine nitrification, ammonium nitrate black powder.
DrugsIdentifies cocaine, hydrochloric acid heroin, tetrahydrocar- bonanabinol, dimethylaniline (methamphetamine), ketamine hydrochloride, ecstasy, pethidine.
SamplesNew Explosives & Drug samples can be added as needed.
StartupLess than 15 minutes.
AnalysisLess than 6 seconds.
AlarmFalse alarms Less than 1%.
DetectionDetection rate more than 99%.
DatabaseCan be updated as needed.
SamplingSamples wipe with test paper, adsorption sampling.
StorageData can save Text print or picture.
AlarmSound and light.
Display10″ TFT color touch screen.
OperatingTemperature range 14° to +122°F

Scanner Introduction

Narcotics Identifier

The RE-NTD1 is a wide-range highly sensitive desktop system for the real-time detection to identify explosives and narcotics, suited for law enforcement, customs, and border security checkpoints.

Scanner Hardware

  • Vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) lamp soft ionization technology for safe non-radioactive use.
  • User Built-in printer for full analysis results or narcotics or explosives.
  • Advanced technology migration tube design ensures high resolution.
  • Automatic cleaning technology for next-time use.
  • Renewable gas purification system, re-usable dipstick.
  • 10-inch color touch screen technology for information display.
  • A desktop device, portable design for different locations if needed.

Scanner Detection

  • Detect chemical residues of illegal substances (drugs etc) quickly and easily from traces.
  • Less than six seconds of narcotics identification analysis, including trace particle sampling using reusable swabs with a wand.
  • High sensitivity technology quickly and easy detection in as little as 100 Nanograms sample of black powder, including fireworks and homemade explosives.

Software Functions

  • Easy to use on-screen visual displays for scanner operation.
  • Open database that can be customized by users to add/edit new types of narcotics.
  • The scanner supports network control and transfer.
  • Unlimited Storage, USB ports to output data.

Scanner Applications

  • Easy to use narcotics detection well suited for law enforcement officers.
  • Related handheld Model scanner available see link below.