Portable Liquid Detection Scanner

This Portable Liquid Detection device scans over 30 types of hazardous liquids contained in bottles and cups. Re-chargeable battery-operated, low-cost, and with an accuracy of 99%

portable liquid detection device

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LiquidsGasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide,
Potassium hydroxide, isopropyl ether, petroleum ether, prop ion aldehyde, benzene, carbon disulfide,
Hexane, isopropanol, nitromethane, diethylamine, trihalomethanes, ethylene glycol, xylene, and other
Flammable, corrosive liquids.
MaterialGlass and plastic bottles less than  3.5mm
Startup10 seconds.
AnalysisPlastic, glass, and ceramic container: less than 1.2seconds
AlarmAudio and visual light and screen.
DetectionDetection rate more than 99%.
DatabaseCan be updated as needed.
SamplingPoint the device directly to the container at 90 degrees
StorageExport to PC via a USB connection, USB supports rechargeable batteries inside device.
AlarmSound and light.
DisplaySmall LCD color readout screen.


Portable Liquid Detection

Introducing the 2020 model RE-LDS2 a highly sensitive portable liquid detection unit, for the real-time checking and identification of liquid chemicals. Rapid detection of over 30 types of liquids and dangerous chemicals, in a highly portable device.


  • Easily identify the chemical composition of liquids.
  • Works with a variety of containers and materials. including glass and plastic bottles and cups.
  • No radiation emission, safe to be around.
  • Ultra-wideband pulse microwave reflection method & thermal conductivity technology.
  • Detects over 30 types of hazardous liquids.
  • LED and audible alarm.
  • Fast 1.2 second detection time.